Experience Weird Austin

You may hear the phrase ‘keeping Austin weird’ in your wanderings around this city. Austin is a city that prides itself on the quirky and unique, hosting everything from axe throwing to colorful art museums.

Here are some places we recommend visiting to experience the weird heart of Austin when you venture outside of ONA.

The Escape Game

Flee your ordinary life in The Escape Game on Red River Street. The one-hour immersive experience allows participants use their wits to escape from one of five daring scenarios.  Photo by Baidi Wang

Graffiti park at The Hope Gallery

If you want to visit the graffiti park on Baylor Street, there’s still time. Slated to close earlier this year, the park, officially the Hope Outdoor Gallery, will remain open through October when it will be relocated next year. Julian Thomas, pictured, said lively colors motivated him to visit the park. Photo by Baidi Wang
The Hope Outdoor Gallery is expected to be moved to Carson Creek Ranch in southeast Austin sometime next year. Visitor Megan Principe said the grafitti park is a cool place for the community to come and just do whatever they want.  Photo by Baidi Wang

Blanton Art Museum

Volunteer Mary Pettengill, right, introduces visitors to the Blanton Museum of Art, home to one of the largest collections of prints and drawings, contemporary American and Latin American art. Photo by Baidi Wang
Light streams through colored glass at the Blanton Museum of Art on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Photo by Baidi Wang

Laguna Gloria Sculpture Park 

A sculpture by Tom Sachs at the Contemporary Austin Museum at Laguna Gloria, is part if the museum’s open-air art experience on Lake Austin. Photo by Baidi Wang
A Tom Friedman sculpture in the Contemporary Austin Museum at Laguna Gloria offers what  Amy Brauchle, a visitor relations specialist at the park, calls outdoor sculptures in beautiful scenes. Photo by Baidi Wang

Urban Axes

Competitive ax tossing? Urban Axes has you covered. Visitors line up to toss the hatchets for sport and fun.  Photo by Baidi Wang
At Urban Axes, visitors vie for points by throwing 1.5-pound hatchets at a bullseye on wooden targets. Photo by Baidi Wang