Five exhibits to visit before you leave ONA18

Story by Katie Atkinson and Charlotte Norsworthy

There’s still plenty of conference left in Austin this year, and plenty to see in between sessions. If you’re just now making time to check out the Exhibit Hall, make sure to swing by these five booths:

1. Grab Snacks and Give Back at Parsely


Not only does this audience engagement company always bring great snacks (macarons will be at their booth at 4:15 p.m. Friday and breakfast tacos Saturday morning), but this year it is also incorporating an initiative to give back to the Austin community.

The Parsely crew is seeking to get 300 people at the conference to sign up for their new beta analysis tool, Currents. Once they reach that goal, they will donate $1,000 to the Austin Baptist Chapel’s soup kitchen, Angel House.


2. Swing by the Snapchat Lounge

Photo by Katie Atkinson

If you’re looking for a way to save your ONA18 memories, make sure to swing by the Snapchat Lounge. There, you can take advantage of the photo booths. It’s a great way to rally your new ONA besties for another bonding session. Snap photos and decorate them with filters and Texas emojis.

3. Peruse the Newsflare candy bar

Photo by Charlotte Norsworthy

The team at Newsflare lures you in with an assorted self-serve candy bar to talk about their recent expansion to the U.S. from London. Marketed as a platform and marketplace, the tool curates videos from all over the internet for potential buyers to use for entertainment or news purposes.

You should check them out: They will be giving away two Nest products and three wireless speakers Friday afternoon to those who register for Newsflare.

4. Attend a podcast listening party

Photo by Charlotte Norsworthy

If you’re up for a podcast listening party, stop by the Yahoo booth and slip on some headphones. Give podcasts like Skullduggery a test drive if you like investigative podcasts about politics. You can attend a live Skullduggery show at ONA18 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. Saturday in Lone Star B. The presentation is called “Fake News and the Fourth Estate: How History Will Rate This Moment.”

5. Crash the Bing booth

Photo by Charlotte Norsworthy

The search engine company Bing has an ultra-cushioned lounge booth in the Exhibition Hall. While you sit and chill, you can learn about ways to introduce (or maybe re-introduce) Bing into your toolkit. They will be hosting a quick live chat at their booth at 3:10 p.m. Friday and a lunch-n-learn session at noon Saturday. Hop on the waitlist here.

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