Tips for Seamless Midterm Election Coverage


Tips for Covering Midterm Elections from ONAnewsroom on Vimeo.

There’s a new wave of progressive candidates storming the midterm election ballots.

Young candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are using grassroots organizing strategies to reach underrepresented voters. Florida, Georgia and Maryland are have all selected African-Americans to represent the Democratic party in the gubernatorial elections. If elected, they will be the first black governors of their respective states.

Here are tips to enhance your midterm coverage.

  1. Use tools:  ProPublica’s Election DataBot collects campaign funding data, deleted tweets and targeted ads mentioning candidates. Users can log into the tool to receive notifications for particular candidates.
  2. Monitor social media. Twitter has labels on all candidates who have qualified for elections. Make a list of candidates and follow the issues they’re tweeting about.
  3. Hit the streets. Candidates are out in the streets talking to potential constituents. You should be, too. Listen for buzz around any candidates’ names.

With these tips, you won’t miss a beat this election season.